​​I am a professional practicing artist who has exhibited extensively since 1999, working with galleries, universities and museums, in Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, China, Japan and the USA.  I can best be described as an experimental artist, who tends to work in a series, where my experiments evolve, or slip into another series, and consequently, this evolutionary process feeds my creative practice. Having said this, essentially I am a painter, and my paintings engage eagerly with the visual tension of opposites, contradictions, and the complexities of colour.  My paintings are part of several public and private art collections, including The Arts Council of Northern Ireland, The University of Ulster, and Allianz of the UK. 

​Presently, I divide my time between Wales and the USA, creating new works, which explore other possibilities within my practice.

Colin Williams. 


I was born in Wales, in 1963, to parents from mixed faiths, who were from separate countries within the United Kingdom.  My Father was from the tranquil countryside of North Wales, and my Mother was from the war torn city of Belfast, in Northern Ireland.  I travelled between the two countries regularly throughout my childhood, and carried out some of my early schooling in Belfast at the height of the troubles in the 1970’s, before returning to school in Wales.  It seems that at a young age, I became accustomed to living a divided life, in divided communities, and responding to the chaos and order that mirrors the certainty and chance of everyday life.



In 1999, I decided to move back to Belfast, and do a Degree in Art.  In 2002, I won a full scholarship, to pursue a Masters in Fine Art, where I was awarded a distinction from the University of Ulster.  Whilst working on my Masters, I was invited by the Faculty of Art to teach part-time at the University.  I continued to live and work as an artist in Belfast for several years, before returning to Wales in 2007.  On my return, I founded CASC Studios & Artist Project Space, as well as becoming a part-time lecturer in Visual Art, at Llandrillo College.  When one takes my dualistic existence in to consideration, it is not hard to imagine why my work explores opposites and contradictions.